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There Are Some Sports That You Should Try

You are in luck if you are looking for a new challenge or a junkie in die-hard extreme sports. Away from your usual post-football game or your gym session, there are other extreme, exciting and sometimes dangerous sporting options. You could be bored or just looking for that adrenaline rush. If the reason is any of those mentioned, keep reading you could indulge in these extreme sports.

If you like playing basketball with your friends however you can consider taking the skills to a new level which will make the normal basketball to some look boring when compared. In extreme basketball all the skills you posses in the basketball are challenged. It involves serious dribbling, quick shootouts, trampolines and fast footwork and for those who want to be more extreme they try basketball contender.

The country where the Lord of Rings movie and sceneries that are picturesque is the same place that zorbing was invented. Zorbing is a game played when you are inside a large plastic bag which you roll for a high speed from a steep hill or from one water mass to another. Zorbing is a sport that you can enjoy either alone or with friends and it is not for those with weak stomachs due to its unusualness. It is an extreme sport with low impact specifically for fun and more so for adrenaline rush. Performing zorbing can be on a leveled surface this means the rider is able to control the orb.

If you like walking in the wild and have good balance of your body this extreme sport is good for you. While on a narrow nylon strip cord you move across canyons, walk through trees, between high rise buildings. You should be experienced and have skills for slacklining. In slacklining there are three types including low, long and trick lines.

The low and trick lines are for beginners while the long line needs that you walk for a distance of 30 meters on the nylon line you have been taught.

Volcano boarding is for those who feel like snowboarding is too mild. How about whizzing from the slopes of a live volcano on just a wood board? Sounds exciting, then this is for you. Played in Bolivia, Nicaragua, islands in the west of Fiji and Vanuatu this is where the global volcano boarding is found. The dress code is so that you are protected from hot volcanic ash and they are goggles and a full body suit.

How would you like to play hockey underwater? This one was invented in the 1950s where players use a small stick, a mask, fins and snorkel and they keep hitting the puck. Underwater hockey is good for fitness and lung capacity developing. An underwater hockey players will always come to the surface to breathe through the snorkel and get back in the water to continue with the game. A person looking for a hobby and just to be active they should try extreme sports.