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What Is It About That Abercrombie Smell That People Just Cannot Get Enough Of?

To those who have ever been in the mall and frequented an Abercrombie & Fitch Store, there is no denying the abercrombie smell. Since the early 2000s, these stores have had a cult-like following and much in part to the smell that wafts through the air and is on the clothing.

What Is Olfactive Branding?

Those who have never heard of olfactive branding should look to Abercrombie & Fitch and what this innovation has done for the company. Nobody can talk about this mall store without mentioning the musky scent of cologne that seems to be piped through the air and even extends outside of the store, beckoning shoppers to stop in and check out the merchandise.

So what is olfactive branding and why should it matter to companies? Olfactive branding makes use of a particular scent that is associated with a business. It helps with branding because every time a person smells that distinctive smell, they are immediately reminded of the business it is associated with, just as a strong musk smell is associated with Abercrombie & Fitch.

It has been proven, the way consumers feel about a retailer is founded on much more than what is seen on the shelves or the advertising. When a company uses a particular scent, it subtly draws in customers and helps form an emotional bond between the consumer and the brand so the brand becomes unforgettable.

What are the Benefits of Scent Marketing?

There are many benefits to scent marketing and more and more companies are exploring their options for this unique option. Understanding the benefits will help company owners to determine whether or not they want to implement scent marketing into their own marketing plan.

  • Study after study has proven certain scents make consumers more willing to spend money.
  • A special scent can help with the branding of a company.
  • Shoppers will stay longer in a store when there is a pleasant smell.
  • Scent can leave a lasting and appealing impression on shoppers.
  • The right scent can also improve employee productivity and concentration.

If you want your business to be rememberable in a unique way, check out your scent marketing options today. With the right scent, you will always be on the mind of your customers.